Our Leadership

Parish Leadership

Fr. Giltus Mathias CP, Parish Priest

Sr Rosana Estoque CP, Pastoral Associate

Sr Elenita Flores CP, Catechetical Coordinator

Mrs Elena Di Perna, Parish Administration Support Officer

Deacon Rev.  Joseph Sy Ho Doan CP

Jenny Solo, Youth Coordinator

James Yeo, Parish Safeguarding Support Officer

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School

Our Parish Primary School began in 1887 in the Old Church. It has been on this block since 1932.

Mrs. Antonella Mazzuco, Principal

02 9558 6926
382A Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
PO Box 54, Marrickville NSW 1475

Casimir Catholic College

Our Casimir College began in 1985 as a merger of De La Salle Boys School and St Brigid’s Girls College. It offers quality co-educational opportunities for young people of the Marrickville District. Like the parish, Casimir has a wonderful and enriching community of many nations, embracing our Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

Mrs. Carmelina Eussen, Principal

02 9558 2888
200 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
PO Box 5325, Marrickville NSW 1475

Parish Pastoral Council

The PPC consists of up to twelve parishioners, the Parish Team and School Principals. It meets regularly to discern the needs of the parish, advise on strategic directions, and support the pastoral and formation directions of the parish, all aimed at helping us live out the charisms of hospitality, inclusion and compassion, and assisting us to full, conscious and active participation in the life and mission of the Church today.

Parish Finance Council

This council consists of 5-6 members of the parish recommended by the council. Members are chosen for their financial expertise and also their practical sense. It advises the parish priest on the good governance of the parish, and help him comply with statutory obligations of both the Archdiocese and the Government. It monitors the financial transactions of the parish and approves the annual budget. It’s approval for major expenditure is required as set by the Archdiocese. It also acts as the management committee for major repairs and maintenance.