Mission & Ministries

Parish Mission Statement

St Brigid’s is a Christ-centred Eucharistic community in which people of many cultures worship God and inspire each other to live the Gospel message. To achieve this goal as a parish family, we have focused on seven key elements. We want St. Brigid’s to be a parish where:

  • prayer and liturgical celebration are central to our lives;
  • parish life is enriched by the involvement of all;
  • young people are supported and involved in parish life;
  • cultural richness is celebrated in building a united community;
  • we act to bring justice in our local community and beyond;
  • our faith journey is enhanced by life long learning;
  • there is effective stewardship of our resources.

Each of these elements is achieved through a number of particular strategies, activities or programs. Some are recurring each year such as the sacramental programmes or the catechetical programs in our government schools. Others have a more particular focus during the seasons of the year.

Parish Ministries and Groups

Adult Ministries

  • Adult Faith Formation Group
  • RCIA Adult Sacrament Group
  • Bereavement Ministry

Aged Care and Nursing Homes

  • Communion to the Sick
  • Ministry of Care to Nursing Homes
  • Ministry to Boarding Houses
  • Seniors Club

Building Advisory Group

Children’s Ministry

  • Children’s Sunday Liturgy Group
  • Children’s RE Team for Government Schools
  • Children’s Sacrament Group
  • Ministries at St Brigid’s School

Cultural Group

Ecumenical & Interfaith Committee

  • Marrickville Ministers Fellowship
  • Marrickville Multifaith Roundtable

Family Groups

Finance Council

Gardens & Grounds Maintenance

Hospitality Group

Liturgy Committee

Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers
  • Choirs & Musicians
  • Cleaners
  • Collectors
  • Communion Ministers
  • Organ Committee
  • Readers & Commentators

Pastoral Council

Piety Store

Social Justice Network

  • Aboriginal Reconciliation (ANTAR Inner West)
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Boarding Houses
  • Friends of Bethlehem
  • Friends of Bethlehem University
  • Gift of Bread
  • Harmony Day Every Day
  • Mini Vinnies (St Brigid’s School)
  • St Vincent de Paul Conference
  • Sydney Alliance
  • Together for Humanity
  • Young Vinnies (Casimir College)

Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Contact the Parish Office for more details on parish@stbrigid.org.au