Youth Minister Position

Who are we?

St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Marrickville, NSW is a Parish led by Passionist Missionaries. We are a Sydney Inner-West vibrant, multicultural community connected to Casimir College, St Brigid’s Primary School as well as various nursing homes.


You must be available to work Part Time with a maximum of 10 hours per week. Hours will include evening and weekend work.

Payment will be discussed but be assured it will be above the national minimum wage

You will be provided with a work space and appropriate equipment in the Parish Offices.

You will be entitled to annual leave and personal/carer’s leave in accordance with the National Employment Standards. Based on the part time hours you work you will be entitled to a pro rata of 40 hours annual leave and 20 hours personal/carer’s leave per annum. Unused leave shall accumulate in accordance with relevant legislation.

You may take up to one days paid leave per annum to attend to personal renewal programmes, retreats, conferences, immersions etc. Eligible programs and dates would be agreed by negotiation with the Parish Priest with two months’ notice.


You will be responsible for the pastoral care and spiritual wellbeing of St Brigid’s Junior Youth Group (Yr 7- Yr 9).

Youth meetings are held on the first and third Sunday each month after 6pm mass. The meetings should focus on spiritual care rather than theology and promote bonding, socialising and outreach activities.

Your liturgical focus will concentrate on organising the youth involvement with liturgical ministries during the the first and third Sunday 6pm Masses.

You may be required to be in attendance at some other Masses, at Major Liturgical Celebrations (Christmas, Easter, etc), & Parish social occasions.

You will be making connections with our young people through:

  • Casimir Catholic College
  • St Brigid’s Primary School (Yr 6)
  • liaising with other parish Youth groups: Senior Youth group (year 10-12), Youth group (age 18-25), young Adults, Tongan Youth Group, as well as Vietnamese youth Group.
  • Sydney Catholic Youth Ministry
  • the Parish Sacramental Preparation of Confirmation

You will work with other Parish Team members and parishioners in preparation of key Parish Liturgies so to engage our young people.

You will be expected to embrace the Passionist Spirituality and incorporate it in your ministry to our young people.

You will be a member of the Parish Team (at least two meetings per month) and the Parish Pastoral Council (7.30pm every fourth Tuesday of the month). There is also a group of parents of the youth who will be of support to you.

You will have:

  • at least three years of experience in youth ministry leadership.
  • an understanding of and willingness to support and follow the Catholic Identity and mission of the Church.
  • an ability to collaborate and work effectively in teams
  • competency and capability in planning and reporting requirements
  • good communication skills and capable of working in a team as well as independently

You must be over 18 years of age and be willing to comply with the Sydney Archdiocese Safeguarding Policy


Please forward your Resume together with a covering letter by 18th February, 2019 addressed to Fr Erick Niyiragira CP through the contact person.


Name: Ms Terrey Trethowan
Telephone: (02) 8577 5670